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Why being obsessive isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Recently I’ve been reading The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. The fundamental premise of the book is that successful people put in 10x more effort than average people, and are relentless in their approach and drive.

I have the kind of personality where I’m always obsessing, and for the past 18 months I’ve been working 12-20 hours a day pretty much every day. I’ve had probably a couple of actual days off total. And in a world where there’s been a strong backlash against “the hustle” and figuring out ways to work less but earn more, being obsessive about work is definitely not considered a good thing.

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Honestly? It’s been a breath of fresh air reading The 10x Rule and finding out that being obsessive can be a good thing. It’s okay to go all-in. It’s okay to stand your ground for what you believe in. It’s okay to enjoy working.

It sounds really obvious, and something I could have told myself, but seeing it written down and explained and justified in the way that Grant has means a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Because of my personality and the knocks I’ve had, I’ve strengthened my resolve and put trust in myself instead of being so reliant on others for their opinions, but at the same time you can’t really beat someone else sense-checking your approach and confirming that what you’re doing is fine.

I’m starting to realise that as long as it makes me happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, I don’t have to label it as “wrong.” Doing the things other people aren’t doing have got me where I am today, so that can only be a positive. I’ve never been average at anything (my spectrum goes between ‘terrible’ and ‘great’ with no middle ground), and to be honest I’d hate to be average. People either love me or hate me, and I’d rather that than be seen as mediocre.

I’m sitting here writing this post on a Saturday morning, which is typically when other people are sleeping in, or relaxing, or just generally making social plans for the weekend. I’m normally hyped to be writing or doing some other kind of work anyway, but today I’m even more inspired because of feeling like it’s normal. It’s okay. So many people go through life not finding their purpose or not finding what it is they truly love doing or simply living their life for other people. I’m very grateful that I live in a time and have the resources to do the things I love.

If there’s anything I wish would change, it’s that we don’t judge or shame people for how they want to spend their time. Some people want to lie in bed all day and watch Netflix given the chance, some want to be out there climbing mountains, and some want to be at a laptop writing blog posts. All those things are okay. Being you is just fine.

Are you an obsessive person? Do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing? Drop me a comment and tell me what you think!

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