How important is your blogging environment?

Just like your working environment, your blogging environment is important for your physical wellbeing, peace of mind, and most importantly, your productivity as a blogger. If you are blogging from an inadequate setup, you are likely to suffer in more ways than one. Therefore, if you are looking to start blogging as a full time career, you need to get yourself a reasonable blogging environment.

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Loft conversions are getting more and more popular, as people are using their lofts for various purposes ranging from a living room to an entertainment area. If you have got some adjustable loft space, and you can invest on a simple loft conversion, your loft can turn out to be an ideal space for blogging, providing you with so many benefits that a normal living room cannot.

1. Seclusion

With Google’s recent algorithm updates, the importance of producing unique content for your blogs has increased, and this requires a lot more thought and effort than simply copy pasting or paraphrasing pre-existing articles. It’s true that some gifted writers have the focus to write amidst all sorts of noise and activities going around them, but for the majority of us, we will prefer a rather secluded space when writing. When you are sitting in a living room or lounge, chances are that some of your family members will keep wandering here and there, and all this movement and activity is enough to take your mind away from the work. Your loft can be a perfect place to blog mainly because you will get the much needed solitude that you need for creative writing.

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2. Serenity

You can isolate yourself in your room by locking the door, but you will still be having all sorts of sounds and noises (especially if you have kids) and they can be detrimental for your creative flow of thoughts. Again, having your blogging setup in your loft will help you steer clear of these sounds and noises to a large extent.

3. Daylight & Fresh Air:

Daylight is known to be a boost to our productivity. Being a blogger, I always find my mind working more efficiently in daylight, and daylight is also known to be a morale booster. With some professional help and planning, you will be getting plenty of daylight in your room. The same goes for fresh air and a good view outside your window, helping you to curb the fatigue and strains caused by long hours of mental labour.

4. Equipment

A simple loft conversion will provide you with ample space to set up an entire office with a table and chair, writing desk, printer, and a book shelf. If you are blogging from a temporary setup in a living room, you might not get the space to sneak in all of these things.

5. The Environment

As mentioned earlier in this article, regardless of the nature of the job, your working environment can make a big difference to your productivity. And having the quietness, daylight, space, etc. will give you a near perfect working environment, resulting in a boost to your productivity and creativity … two of the most important ingredients for a successful blogging career.

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