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5 ways to reach more people on Facebook for free

If you have a Facebook Page, you’ve probably seen the option to buy more reach so your post is seen by more of your fans (and in some cases, their friends too). As well as causing confusion with non-techy Page owners who think they have to pay for anyone to see their posts, this new feature raises a lot of questions. What about fans who have chosen to hide your Page from their news feed? How many fans can you reach in total, even if you pay the maximum amount? And thirdly, if you’re a one-person company or a small business, is it really worth it?

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The good news is that you can extend your reach even if you don’t want to pay for your posts to reach more people. It’s all about being creative, getting into good posting habits and creating good relationships. We’ve seen a lot of posts about better Facebook fan engagement that just use very vague points without any actionable advice. So we’ve put together a list of golden rules that you can use today to boost your fan reach and post views.

Tip #1 Post more images

Whether a fan sees your post or not is determined by an algorithm called EdgeRank. Econsultancy has a fantastic EdgeRank guide that’s a must-read if you have a Facebook page, or even if you simply want more of your updates to be seen by your friends.

The short version is that if you post images, you’re almost guaranteed to reach more people. If your Page doesn’t naturally lend itself to images or you have an important announcement to make, create an image with the text on it and announce it that way.

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Tip #2 Pin and highlight more posts

Facebook gives you the option to ‘sticky’ posts or highlight particular ones. We’ve yet to see if there’s any concrete evidence that such posts will reach more fans, but you’re highlighting their importance so it would make sense that they are.

Fans coming directly to your Page can see instantly what your most important updates are, which is great for getting people hooked in and interacting with your Page. Hook them in by posting an image to your Page as per tip #1, so that if they click through, they can see what’s new and get involved straight away.

Tip #3 Don’t use plain text updates

Simple text updates aren’t shown to as many fans as those with images, so include a link or image where possible for better reach. Be selective though; if a link or image would confuse the user or mislead them, it’s best to avoid posting it and instead opt for a plain update.

Tip #4 Partner up with other pages

Search for fan pages that are likely to have a similar audience to you (but not a conflict of interest). For example, if you sell office chairs, get in touch with someone selling office stationery. If you run a bakery, get involved with someone who sells cooking equipment. Taking the time to like and comment on their posts and interacting with them can open up all kinds of opportunities to post about each other and increase both your fan pages and reach simultaneously.

Tip #5 Get involved with groups and service pages

Search for groups and pages where you can advertise your Facebook page. Simply do a search for ‘For sale in [location]’ or use some of your industry keywords. The best pages will have little competition and a very targeted audience. As well as increasing interaction, this is also a fantastic way to attract more fans. Just be careful not to spam or post anything that looks unprofessional.

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You can alternatively post your website address for more exposure, although you’re more likely to get more clicks and likes for a fan page that won’t take people off Facebook.

How do you extend your Facebook Page’s reach? Let us know in the comments!

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