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3 reasons to have a website for your small business

Recently we’ve been having a few odd jobs done on the house, and inevitably when the workmen come over they ask, “How did you find out about me?” Naturally the answer is always “Google,” and then we usually end up having a nice chat about search engine optimization 😉

One of the things that frequently crops up during these conversations is how much it amazes me just how many small businesses still don’t have a website, especially local ones. Here are the three main reasons your small business needs a website:

1. Help prospective customers find out more information

This was the original reason for the web to even exist in the first place, right?! When driving, I often see vans with nothing except a company name and some kind of freebie Hotmail email address. I’m not sure why they think I would email them to find out what it is they’re offering; the email addresses are always hard to remember, and I don’t know enough from the company name to know if I would need them for anything or not.

As a millennial, I hate phoning people, so a website is a must for me so I can skip endless awkward phone calls about services. This applies to pretty much every business now; if you’re a restaurant, I want to see your menu; if you’re an estate agent, I want to see your houses; if you’re a local discount shop, I want to know your opening hours. Google and aggregate sites are okay, but the information isn’t always reliable.

2. Create a sense of trust

A good website gives me a sense of trust, because if you’ve made the effort to get your web design done by a professional, you’re showing you’ve invested in your business. Not only am I going to feel more comfortable about the work I’m asking you to do, I’m also going to get the impression you’ll show up on time, have the knowledge and skills needed to do the work effectively, and will be around in the future if I need to contact you or hire you again.

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3. Beat the competition

If I’m trying to decide between you and another small business, and the other one has their own website, I’m more likely to choose them over you. Especially if the design looks top notch instead of being thrown together. As well as the reasons listed above, you’re taking control of your presence on the web and you’re making sure your customers get a good, consistent service wherever they find you.

What are your thoughts on small businesses having (or not having) a website? Let me know in the comments!