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21 of the best new jQuery plugins

There are so many fantastic free jQuery plugins out there it was hard to pick a small selection of the best…resulting in our original ‘shortlist’ getting longer and longer! Whilst many jQuery plugins are designed for a particular purpose or a specific effect, we’ve managed to dig out some pretty versatile ones as well.

The following plugins use jQuery and often a smattering of CSS to help you impress clients and visitors with impressive effects. Just make sure you check browser compatibility and test thoroughly before releasing your projects and websites to the world.

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Hover Zoom Effect with jQuery and CSS

Excellent hover zoom effect.

Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3

A relatively simple but practical look.

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects

Lots of great options here.


An interesting blurred background technique.

jQuery Masonry

Perfect positioning for images.


Organise your content easily.


A versatile plugin to suit most sites.

jQuery AnyStretch

Perfect sizing for images and content.

jQuery Instagram

Display your Instagram pictures in style.

jQuery Transit

A variety of smooth transitions and effects.


Add flexible Google Maps functionality to your site.

Percentage Loader

Make waiting attractive.


Versatile presentation for websites.


Beautiful navigation menus.

Responsive Image Maps jQuery Plugin

Image mapping reimagined.

Fresco Responsive Lightbox

Responsive lightbox effect for your images.

Gallery Focus

Beautiful presentation for photos and other images.


Great effect for your photos with no image editor required.


Stunning responsive text presentation.

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Ideal for map projects of all sizes.


A great way to present data online.

Which are your favourite jQuery plugins? Let us know in the comments!

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